Who we are?


SAFIRE a non-profit educational and professional society of physicians and scientists dedicated to in Interventional Radiology and endovascular therapy. The society promotes and advances the medical specialty of Vascular & Interventional Radiology throughout Africa and the world by stimulating high standards of patient care and by improving radiologic diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The Society works to stimulate interest in Interventional Radiology and to provide guidelines for the practice, teaching and post-graduate training and collaborates with relevant experts and utilizes the available resources inside and outside Africa to achieve its missions.

The intention of SAFIRE’s founding and its announcement was made at MEET IO in January 2017 by Drs. Wael Saad (Egypt), Ahmed Kamel (Egypt), Fakhir ElMasry (Sudan), Mamadou Sanogo (Mali), Wael Darwish (Egypt), Nael Saad (Egypt), Ashenafi Buser (Ethiopia), Ikram Hamed (Egypt) & Tarek El-Diasty (Egypt).
In March 2017 in face-to-face meetings at the Society of Interventional Radiology (USA) were held between SAFIRE members representing South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Ghana, & Mali. These meetings included initial discussions on the founding principals, the organization structure, the annual conferences and educational activities and the headquarters of the fledgling society.
In January 2018, the first business meeting (annual meeting) for SAFIRE was held in conjunction with MEET Symposia and included members representing Sudan, Egypt, South Africa, Mali, Tunisia, Kenya, Ethiopia & Nigeria. SIR leadership & educational representatives also attended including Dr. Charles Ray & Dr. Jeanne LaBerge. Speakers from supporting industry (Siemens & Philips) also attended and spoke at the SAFIRE business meeting 
The active and growing founding members of SAFIRE Include but are not limited to the list in this page